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Chen Hong Liao

Chen-Hong (Martin) Liao is a Ph.D. student in the MSE department of NCTU in Taiwan and he has been under the guidance of Prof. Pu-Wei Wu for several years. He has devoted himself in the field of synthesis and characterization of artificial structured materials. His research involves fabricating colloidal crystals by electrophoresis of polystyrene microspheres and exploring their possible engineering applications.
With emphasis on the reproducibility and the reliability of the fabrication process, he has developed a semi-automatic electrophoretic technique to produce colloidal crystals with excellent reproducibility.

Recently, he has successfully fabricated large-area 5×5 cm2 colloidal crystals and their free-standing inverse opaline films with various filled materials, thickness, and pore sizes. At this moment, he is concentrating on the applications work basing on the free-standing inverse opaline films.