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Erika Scavetta

Erika Scavetta graduated in Industrial Chemistry summa cum laude at the Bologna University in 1999, discussing a thesis entitled "Electrodes modified with conducting hydrotalcites as amperometric sensor for oxidisable compounds''. From January 2000 to October 2003 she accomplished her PhD studies in Chemical Sciences at the Bologna University, studying the development of electrochemical sensors and the characterisation of functional materials with electrochemical and structural techniques.
From 1st January 2003 to April 2005 she had a post-doc fellowship at the Department of Physical and Inoganic Chemistry of Bologna University still working on electroanalytical techniques, development of electrochemical sensors and biosensors.

In 2004 she received the "Best Young Researcher" Award from the Analytical Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society.

She has a permanent position as a researcher, at the Bologna University since 17 April 2005.

The scientific production is documented by 56 papers on international journal, 1 word patent and more than 50 contribution presented at national and international conferences.     [ Click for More ]

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