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Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Micro- and Nanoparticles 
September 14, 2017   11:00am - 12:00pm
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The use of magnetic micro- and nanoparticles for biomedical applications was first proposed in the 1920s as a way to measure the rheological properties of the cytoplasm. Since that time, particle synthesis techniques and functionality have advanced significantly. Magnetic micro- and nanoparticles are now used in a variety of biomedical applications such as targeted drug delivery, MRI contrast enhancement, gene transfection, immunoassay and cell sorting. More recently, magnetic micro- and nanoparticles have been used to investigate and manipulate cellular processes both in vitro and in vivo.

The webinar will focus on developments in Magnetically Activated Receptor Signaling (MARS)—a magnetic nanoparticle-based technique for activating cell surface receptors and controlling the activity of biomolecules such as growth factors. In addition, magnetic nanoparticle-based gene transfection and hyperthermia will be discussed.


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