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Single Crystal Structural Studies at Multimegabar Pressures and High Temperatures 
April 19, 2017   4:15pm - 5:00pm
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Laser heating techniques in diamond anvil cells (DACs) cover a wide pressure-temperature range – above 300 GPa and up to 5000 K. Recent advantages in on-line laser heating techniques resulted in a significant improvement of reliability of in situ X-ray powder diffraction studies in laser-heated DACs, which have become routine at a number of synchrotron facilities including specialized beam-lines at the 3rd generation synchrotrons. However, until recently, existing DAC laser-heating systems could not be used for structural X-ray diffraction studies aimed at structural refinements, i.e. measuring of the diffraction intensities, and not only at determining of lattice parameters. The reason is that in existing DAC laser-heating facilities the laser beam enters the cell at a fixed angle, and a partial rotation of the DAC, as required in monochromatic structural X-ray diffraction experiments, results in a loss of the target crystal and may be even dangerous if the powerful laser light starts to scatter in arbitrary directions by the diamond anvils. In order to overcome this problem we have develop a portable laser heating system and implement it at diffraction beam lines (ID9 and ID27 at ESRF, and P02 at PETRA III). We demonstrate the application of this system for simultaneous high-pressure and high-temperature powder and single crystal diffraction studies using examples of studies of chemical and phase relations in the Fe-O system, transition metals carbonates, and silicate perovskites. 

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