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The Kavli Foundation Early Career Lectureship in Materials Science: Designer Matter - Fascinating Interactions of Light and Sound with Metamaterials 
December 1, 2016   8:45am - 9:30am

Metamaterials are artificial materials with emerging physical properties that go well beyond their constituents and what is offered by nature, providing unprecedented opportunities to tailor and enhance the interaction between waves and matter. In this talk, Andrea Alù discusses his group's recent research activity in electromagnetics, nano-optics, acoustics and mechanics, showing how suitably tailored meta-atoms and their arrangements open exciting venues to manipulate and control waves in unprecedented ways. He  discusses our most recent theoretical and experimental results, including metamaterials for scattering suppression, nanostructures and metasurfaces to control wave propagation and radiation, large nonreciprocity without magnetism, giant nonlinearities in properly tailored metasurfaces, and parity-time symmetric meta-atoms and metasurfaces. Physical insights into the exotic phenomena behind the metamaterial response, new devices based on these concepts, and their impact on technology are discussed during the talk.

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