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Scientific Writing for Academia and Industry: How to Write Effective Research Proposals and Grants Applications in Science 
November 30, 2016   8:00am - 8:45am

In this session, Marder will engage the audience in a discussion about the essential steps and strategies employed to help researchers write effective proposals. Attendees will identify the key elements of a proposal, including introductions—that will provide the context for their work (including a literature review)—as well as a clear statement of the research problem. Marder will also describe how to effectively use figures that capture the main goals of a proposal, thus making it easier for the reader to quickly understand both what you are attempting to accomplish and why you are attempting to do so. Finally, participants will learn about the mechanics of a proposal, which do not specifically indicate a “winning” proposal, but if not done properly can significantly decrease the probability of a proposal being successful.

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