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Tutorial ES1.1 - Grid-Scale Energy Storage: Materials, Manufacturing, and Systems Aspects, Part 1: Energy Storage and Future Grid 
November 27, 2016   1:00pm - 5:00pm

The primary aim of this tutorial is to present an overview of grid storage technology, especially those aspects of materials R&D that are relevant to the materials science community. The instructors will offer insights into the manufacturing aspects of large-scale electrochemical energy storage and the development of commercial grid-class energy storage systems.

The instructor will present an overview of the electric grid infrastructure and the importance of the energy storage for the future grid. There will be a discussion of the current role of the energy storage in the grid and the impediments to large-scale deployment and requirements for large-scale adaption of electrochemical batteries. Emphasizing materials for large scale electrochemical energy storage, the tutorial will review active materials and used mature battery technologies such as lithium-ion, advanced lead acid, and sodium sulfur, followed by a discussion of the state-of-the-art research to improve these battery technologies. New materials and battery technologies under development, including advanced redox flow, Na-ion, Li-S, and alkaline batteries will be reviewed.

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