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Tutorial EM1.1 - Materials Science of Quantum Computing, Part 1 
November 27, 2016   8:30am - 12:00pm

Quantum computing promises to revolutionize information technology as we know it by changing the physical nature of the fundamental unit of information. However, the physical limitations to creating a quantum computer originate in our ability to manipulate and control the basic materials that comprise quantum computing devices. The tutorial provides an introduction to the relevant applied physics and the related material structures needed to create elementary quantum computing devices. 

Part one of this tutorial focuses on targeted topics of quantum mechanics and solid-state physics as applicable to gate-based fault-tolerant quantum computing including some of the underlying physics of qubits such as:
- DiVincenzo criteria for quantum computing
- Representation of quantum states on the Bloch sphere
- Encoding quantum information onto spin and pseudo-spin states
- Magnetic resonant spectroscopy as related to qubit manipulation
- Measurements of lifetime and decoherence

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