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Materials Enabling Nanofluidic Flow Enhancement 
May 3, 2017   12:00pm - 1:30pm
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Materials that enable nanofluidic systems show unusually high mass fluxes and flow rates in many cases, for example, in the case of water molecules coursing through a carbon nanotube. There are several examples of such flow enhancement in nanochannels. As new one-dimensional and two-dimensional nanomaterials are synthesized, a deeper understanding of the nanoscale transport physics is needed, particularly in the relationship between material properties and flow behavior, for nanofluidics applications of these materials. The April 2017 issue of MRS Bulletin describes the state of the art in materials development and characterization in nanofluidic flow. This webinar will complement the articles in the April issue of MRS Bulletin.

  • Flow Enhancement in Carbon Nanotube
Davide Mattia | University of Bath
    • Ultra-Breathable Carbon Nanotube Pores
    Francesco Fornasiero | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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