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Glass Ceramics 
March 22, 2017   12:00pm - 1:30pm
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The articles in the March, 2017 issue of MRS Bulletin highlight property combinations relevant to very distinct applications of glass-ceramics. There are several overarching themes in common, including the proper selection of bulk composition to allow for crystallization of desired phases. These crystalline phases are, in turn, chosen for one or more specific attributes. Such attributes include greater chemical durability than the precursor glass; superior mechanical toughness; a high resistance to radiation damage; sites and structures within a crystalline framework with advantageous properties for “active” functions (e.g., luminescence and ionic diffusion); and a lack of a center-of-symmetry, thereby allowing properties forbidden to glass and many crystals (e.g., piezoelectricity and the electro-optic effect). These innovative applications of glass-ceramics owe their importance and continuing interest to hard-to-combine properties. The talks in this webinar expand on the content presented in the MRS Bulletin.

  • Glass Ceramics – Glorious Past and Bright Future!
Edgar Dutra Zanotto | Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil
    • Glass Ceramics for Nuclear Waste Immobilization
    John McCloy | Washington State University

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