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Stretchable and Ultra-Flexible Organic Electronics 
February 22, 2017   12:00pm - 1:30pm
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Stretchable and ultraflexible electronic devices have a broad range of potential uses, from robust devices for energy storage and conversion to biomedical devices that make conformal interfaces with the skin and internal organs. The authors in the February issue of MRS Bulletin have made key contributions to developing stretchable new materials or stretchable forms of old ones, new techniques for measuring the mechanical properties of fragile thin films, and new devices that exhibit unprecedented deformability. The talks in this webinar will expand on the topics presented in the journal.

  • Imperceptible Organic Electronics
Martin Kaltenbrunner | Johannes Kepler University
    • Mechanical Properties of Low-Bandgap Organic Semiconductors
    Darren Lipomi | University of California, San Diego

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