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Tutorial MD1.04 - Part IV: In-situ and Synchrotron-based Measurements 
March 28, 2016   8:30am - 5:00pm

The Materials Genome Initiative (MGI), launched by President Obama in 2011, envisions the creation of a three-component materials innovation infrastructure where computational tools, experimental tools and digital data are brought together along with a cultural shift in materials research towards more collaborative and open research to accelerate advanced materials development and deployment. The MGI (aka Materials by Design) approach is a theory-driven approach where computational design of new materials and materials properties directly guides the experimental materials development.

The integrated panel of instructors, experts at the forefront of Materials by Design, covered all components of the materials innovation infrastructure and demonstrated, through example, how the envisioned collaborative MGI research environment can be realized. The perspectives of both senior researchers and younger scientists who are normalizing this new approach were presented.

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