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EE15.4.03 - Recycled Asphalt Concrete: The Inevitable Sustainable Road Material 
March 30, 2016   9:30am - 9:45am
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Recycled asphalt concrete is an inevitable step in sustainable road transportation. However the amount of recycling allowed in the various layers of the road are limited by national standards. Such standards require that the materials containing recycled elements need to fulfil requirements of all virgin materials. However this does not always take into account the weakness of recycled asphalt; specifically cold temperature behavior as well as raveling. Using a multi scale approach, this paper will demonstrate that pavements containing high amounts of recycled asphalt can result in chemical, mechanical and rheological properties that are equal to materials made of all virgin elements. Important parameters such as water sensitivity, fatigue behavior, permanent deformation, and cold temperature behavior are among the characteristics that are investigated. Of particular importance is the blending of the old materials with the new ones. Environmental scanning electron microscopy has shown that the blending is non uniform. Regions have been identified where the materials were well blended whereas in other regions formation of micro-cracks could be established.

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