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2015 MRS Turnbull Lecture: "Soft Matter Across the Millenium - From Reptation to Osteoarthritis" 

Crossing the millennium, physicists, chemists and materials scientists have increasingly applied their skills to understanding biomaterials and living systems. This talk reviews some insights from our studies of soft matter under confinement, whether topological, steric, geometric or interfacial, following a similar path: from polymer physics and confinement-induced phase transitions to biolubrication and its relation to joint diseases. Topics will include:
- Reptation of topologically confined, entangled polymer chains
- Surface-attached polymers and steric stabilization
- Entropic friction-modification by polymer brushes
- Confinement-induced liquid-to-solid transitions, and the curious case of water
- Water dipoles: hydration lubrication, tissue engineering and osteoarthritis

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