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Nucleation in Atomic, Molecular, and Colloidal Systems 
May 25, 2016   12:00pm - 1:30pm
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Nucleation is the first step in the formation of most materials, simple and complex. The simple picture of nucleation, the classical nucleation theory that has prevailed for more than a century, does not account for complex multistep nucleation pathways observed in recent years in experiments and simulations. Much of what scientists thought they knew in the last century has been called into question thanks to the in situ experimental and computational tools available today. The articles in the May, 2016 MRS Bulletin illustrate and describe the many complex nucleation pathways seen across a range of material systems. Understanding the full range of this behavior is important for fundamental science, but will ultimately benefit a wide range of technologies by enabling the synthesis of new, functional materials. The presentations in this webinar will complement the articles in the MRS Bulletin.

Talks will include:

An In Situ View of Direct and Two-Step Nucleation Dynamics
Jim De Yoreo, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Simulations of Calcite Crystaliization on Self-Assembled Monolayers
Dorothy Duffy, University College London

First-principles Studies of Li Nucleation on Graphene
Mingjie Liu, Rice University

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