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Outstanding Young Investigator Award: Accelerating the Development of Energy Materials Through Advanced X-ray Tools 
April 6, 2015   5:30pm - 7:00pm

Developments in experimental and analytical approaches continue to expand our ability to probe the coupled structure and reactivity of materials relevant to energy storage, conversion and utilization. This includes advances in in situ/operando measurements to directly probe critical processes during material synthesis or operation, and advances in pair distribution function (PDF) methods which can provide atomic-scale structural insights, with crystallographic resolution, for systems that are beyond the limits of conventional crystallography (e.g., nanoscale, disordered, amorphous, and heterogeneous materials). Examples span broad areas such as exploring the structural transformations that can be induced in metal-organic framework materials under pressure, probing interactions of molecules at surfaces to understand gas capture within porous materials, operando studies of battery electrodes to understand their operation and the factors that limit performance, and in situ studies of catalysts and catalyst formation to understand the active catalytic species and how these can be targeted during synthesis.

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