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P8.07 - Photoelectric Property Change Caused by Additional Nano-Confinement: A Study of Half-Dimensional Nanomaterial 
April 9, 2015   4:15pm - 4:45pm

Nanomaterials majorly fall into three categories according to the nano-confinment dimension: two dimensional (2D), one dimensional (1D), zero dimensional (0D). Among them, 1D and 0D nanomaterials attract most research interest because the multi nano-confinment effects enable novel properties. Up to present, all the studies on 1D and 0D nanomaterials are limited in their own dimensions. There is no research about the vast blank area that connects 1D and 0D nanomaterials. When reducing the dimension of 1D nanomaterial, previously not within nanometer scale, the property will undergo significantly changes. The research field that covers the intermediate scale between 1D and 0D nanomaterials will attract much more research interest and cover most of the materials. Here, we named the intermediate nanoscale materials between 1D and 0D Half-Dimensional (0.5D) nanomaterials and we systematically investigate the photoelectric property change of ZnO in that dimension and found the photoelectric property does not follow the Ohm�s Law. [i] We build a theoretical model based on semi-classical physics and well explained this unique phenomena. This is the first time that 0.5D nanomaterial concept is defined and the first preliminary result has ever been reported. The research in this paper initiates a brand new research field, which covers all properties for 0.5 nanomaterials and is applied to all materials, such as semiconducting materials, carbon nanotube, grapheme, etc. [i] "Significant Photoelectric Property Change Caused by Additional Nano-confinement: A Study of Half-Dimensional Nanomaterials" Chengming Jiang and Jinhui Song Small, DOI: 10.1002/smll.201400704.

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