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O10.02 - Study on the Contact between MoS2 and Metals 
April 10, 2015   9:00am - 9:15am

Field effect transistors based on single layer or few layer MoS2 have been demonstrated to have impressive characteristics, such as high ON/OFF current ratio, reasonable electron mobility and a subthreshold swing approaching the theoretical limit at room temperature. However, the metal-MoS2 contact resistance is still much higher than the metal-Si contact and metal-graphene contact. Here, we study the resistance distribution at the metal-MoS2 contact through a multi-electrode measurement with specially designed thin electrodes. We find that the sheet resistance of the 2D MoS2 increases obviously after contacting the metal. The parameters related to the contact resistance, such as transfer length, sheet resistance of the MoS2 and contact resistivity between the 2D materials and the metal electrode, are all changed by the gate voltage. Furthermore, we study the ways to reduce the contact resistance and interesting results are obtained.

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