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MM1.01 - Large Area Formation of Self-Aligned Crystalline Domains of Organic Semiconductors on Transistor Channels using a Novel Crystallization Technique: CONNECT 
April 7, 2015   8:30am - 8:45am

The electronic properties of solution-processable small molecule organic semiconductors (OSCs) have rapidly improved in recent years, rendering them highly promising for various low-cost, large area, flexible, and transparent electronic applications such as displays, RFID tags, and integrated logic circuits. In order for these applications to be realized, nucleation and crystallization of OSCs must be carefully controlled so that the OSCs are patterned and precisely registered to within the transistor channel with uniform device properties over a large area�a task that that remains a significant challenge. In this presentation, we introduce a novel nucleation and crystallization technique known as CONNECT (Controlled OSC NucleatioN and Extension for CircuiTs) that utilizes differential surface energy and solution shearing to induce nucleation and crystal growth at specific points, resulting in self-patterned and self-registered OSC film within the channel region with well-aligned crystalline domains. The well-aligned crystals with minimal grain boundaries over the channel region resulted in low variability in device-to-device characteristics over a large area with average on-current density of 0.4 ?A/?m and on/off ratio of 6.15 x 10(3). We have fabricated transistor density as high as 840 dpi, with a yield of 99%, previously unseen in literature. We have also built various logic gates and a 2-bit half adder circuit to demonstrate the feasibility of our technique in generating large-scale electronic circuits in a facile and economical manner.

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