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CC2.06 - Sulfuration Resistance Study on the Ag and Ag-Pd Reflectors of GaN-Based LEDs 
April 7, 2015   11:45am - 12:00pm

Owing to its high reflectance in the visible region, Ag reflector has been widely applied in LED device and package. However, peoples have found that the Ag reflector would suffer sulfuration. As a result, the reflectance of the Ag reflector film will decrease and the lighting performance of the entire LED device would drop significantly. In this study, we first studied the sulfuration resistance of the Ag reflector. The sulfuration resistance test was done with an immersion process in the 0.01M Na2S solution for 10 minutes. The reflectance was measured by PerkinElmer Lambda35 UV/VIS Spectrometer. We found that the Ag reflector would be tarnished seriously by sulfuration and the reflectance of the tarnished Ag reflector drops below 40%. An Ag-Pd alloy reflector was produced by the electroless plating process. Then, the Ag-Pd alloy reflector was also tested with the sulfuration resistance. The preliminary results show that the Ag-Pd alloy reflector only drops about 15% after the sulfuration test. Its reflectance is still above 70% Compared to the pure Ag reflector, the Ag-Pd alloy reflector layer shows a good sulfuration resistance in this work. In this talk, we will also present the XPS and XRD study on the Ag and Ag-Pd reflectors after the sulfuration resistance tests. Also, both the Ag and Ag-Pd reflectors would be processed as the reflector layer in GaN light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The light output power of LEDs with the Ag and Ag-Pd reflectors would be analyzed after the sulfuration resistance tests.

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