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AA10.11 - Fermi Level Pinning in Metal/Al2O3/InGaAs Gate Stack 
April 9, 2015   4:45pm - 5:00pm

In0.53Ga0.47As is considered as one of the most attractive semiconductors for high electron mobility channels complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistors. Fixed charges and traps (e.g. border traps) within the oxide layer, and trap states produced by defects at the Al2O3/InGaAs interface were found in many studies of Al2O3/InGaAs gate stacks. Post oxide deposition annealing and post metal deposition annealing help in improving the quality of the Al2O3/InGaAs system by reducing the above mentioned traps and charges. In this study the effect of post metal deposition annealing on the effective work function (EWF) in metal/Al2O3/InGaAs gate stacks was investigated. Al2O3 was deposited by thermal atomic layer deposition (ALD) using a standard trimethylaluminum/H2O process on n-type InGaAs(100) substrates. The samples were then annealed at 400�C for 30 min in vacuum (P

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