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Engineered Nanomaterials in Aerospace Applications 
November 4, 2015   12:00pm - 1:30pm
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Aerospace applications have historically been a driver of advanced materials, from reinforced carbon-carbon thermal protection systems of space reentry vehicles to advanced metal alloy turbine blades. Although the industry now has to share the spotlight and attention of both material scientists and funding sources with potentially larger commercial market draws such as energy and health care, it still presents some unique challenges that can be met only by the application of engineered nanomaterials. This webinar, in conjunction with the corresponding issue of MRS Bulletin, review some of the more promising aerospace applications of nanomaterials with a focus on space rather than aeronautics, the challenges of integrating such materials into existing systems, and the challenges that remain for maturation and industry adoption.

Carbon Nanotube Composites on the NASA Juno Mission
Suraj P. Rawal | Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company

Carbon Nanotube-Based Electron Emitters & Solar Cells in Orbit
Jud Ready | Georgia Institute of Technology

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