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Plenary Session: Innovation in Electronic Materials 
December 1, 2014   6:30pm - 7:30pm

Scientists in the past have discovered novel materials and developed synthesis routes for their fabrication. New devices were then realized by utilizing new functionalities of these materials. Representative examples include evolution of flat display devices via liquid crystals and evolution of mobile devices via rechargeable batteries using lithium metal oxide or organic electrolytes.

However, in the present era of digital and information technology, electronic materials innovations are falling behind the device revolution, as the device product life cycle is becoming much faster than that of the material. Now, the device itself is facing the limits of a revolution in terms of product performance without the aid of novel materials.

Materials and devices therefore have to be synchronized in the development process from the beginning stage of research so that the performance requirements can be understood in order to accelerate the enhancement of both materials and devices.

In this presentation, innovations in materials for next-generation displays and rechargeable batteries will be proposed based on the device technology roadmap. With this future perspective, technical concepts and recent achievements at Samsung Electronics will be introduced, in organic semiconductors, inorganic nanomaterials, and optical film materials for display devices as well as energy storage, conversion, and ion transport materials for rechargeable batteries. Furthermore, new materials for future devices such as wearable, stretchable, and sensitivity devices will be covered.

The innovation loop comprising functional materials, value-added materials, and next-generation devices has to be tightly interconnected with advanced experimental methodologies, such as high throughput screening and analytical science. This would accelerate materials innovation, leading to new functionalities in devices and creation of novel devices as well as bringing new materials to the massive global materials marketplace.

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