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Essentials of Getting Your Work Published 
November 30, 2014   5:00pm - 6:30pm
  Synced Audio / Video / Slides

Whether you are a student preparing to publish your first paper, an early-career researcher hoping to polish your publishing skills, or if you just have questions about the publishing process, then this interactive “how to” session is for you. Learn the fundamentals of successful scientific publishing from MRS journal editors-in-chief. Not only are they leading researchers in their fields, but they share a dedication to high-quality content, editorial integrity and scientific scholarship.  Presented in partnership with Cambridge University Press, the session focused on:

    How to select a journal
    A primer of article types - research articles, review articles, letters and more
    How to write a clear title and abstract
    What to expect from the peer review process
    Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

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