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Multiscale Mechanics of Biological, Biomedical, and Biologically Inspired Materials 
April 22, 2015   12:00pm - 1:30pm
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Mechanical property measurement protocols have their origins in metallurgy-metals being the first materials used on a broad industrial scale-as well as in mechanical and civil engineering. Recent decades have evidenced growing interest in applying these methods to biological materials or materials mimicking or replacing biological tissue. However, the mechanical properties of biological materials are highly variable and hard to determine by the traditional protocols. A more slowly emerging thought is that perhaps the mechanical theories underlying the testing protocols emanating from the metals field might not be fully applicable to highly complex, hierarchically organized biological materials and might need further development. The presentations in this webinar highlight the challenge of extending theoretical and applied mechanics to the level needed to satisfactorily and reliably determine the mechanical properties of biological and related materials.

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