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X4.01 - The Materials Genome Initiative: The Vision and Opportunities for Basic Science and Advanced Manufacturing 
December 4, 2014   12:05pm - 1:15pm

The National Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) was launched just over 3 years ago. The vision for MGI is to reduce the time required for materials discovery and move the materials from the research lab to commercial use by half, and realize this transition at a far lower cost than is currently possible. This presentation will provide an overview of MGI, updates relevant to how MGI has and will continue to fit in the broader materials science and engineering research activities, discussion of the recently released MGI strategic plan, and the funding status among the participating agencies. The presentation will highlight the fundamental science foundation and opportunities that crosscut theory, modeling, experiment, and computational science research as well as the impact of MGI on advanced manufacturing with a focus on the opportunities to impact processes used in fabrication and delivery of final components.

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