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TT5.01 - Success of Non-Destructive Visualization with Fast and Slow Neutrons by Riken Compact Neutron Source 
December 3, 2014   8:45am - 9:15am

Development of novel accelerator -driven compact neutron source system on-site for industrial use and human resources has initiated in RIKEN from 2012 and the neutron beam has been available from April of 2013. The world’s first visualization of under film corrosion of different kind of steels with RANS (RIKENAccelerator-driven compact Neutron Source) has accomplished with the ISIJ (The Ion and Steal Institute of Japan) Research Group of “Characterization of microstructure in steels by compact neutron source Feasible Study” successfully. This research experiment was proposed and the corrosion samples have been offered by Dr. T.Nakayama of KOBELCO. The difference of corrosion growth between normal steel and alloy steel was also observed. It indicates that the latter has better corrosion resistance than the former. This result is believed to serve as an improvement of corrosion life of painted steel structures, and usefulness of compact neutron source.

The large area fast neutron imaging detector has been developed and we succeed to distinguish among three steel bars existence in 30cm thickness concrete. It is promising technology for the health diagnostic system with transportable neutron source and with the health diagnostic simulation technique which is developing now.

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