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TT4.06 - Texture Evolution in Metals under Mechanical Stress: Application of a Tensile Stage onto a Laboratory X-Ray Diffraction System 
December 2, 2014   4:00pm - 4:15pm
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The texture of a worked piece of material is a result of the history of the manufacturing process. Texture control is an important tool in order to obtain the manufactured product with the desired property, such as strength, conductivity or hardness. The materials researcher is therefore not only interested in the study the final texture of a sample, but also in following the texture evolution during the formation or deformation processes. Knowledge of the evolution of preferred orientations can provide valuable information in order to optimize the manufacturing process.

In texture evolution studies, samples are often prepared and then mounted onto an X-ray diffraction system in order to measure the pole figures for a quantitative analysis. In the present study we have integrated a uniaxial tensile stage onto a Eulerian cradle in a laboratory X-ray diffraction system. Measurements can be performed while the sample experiences a certain mechanical loading. The setup allows for complete pole figure measurements with full phi-circles and chi-tilts up to 75 degrees. Changes in pole figures can be compared with the stress-strain curve recorded.

As an example, investigations have been performed on metallic samples. Thin strips of rolled copper (0.02 mm) were analyzed with increasing stresses up to 4 N.

The pole figures were of good quality such that the orientation distribution function could be determined. Changes in the ODF and fibers as a function of strain were observed. This information can be used for comparison with measurements of other mechanical and physical materials properties.

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