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NN1.08 - Measuring the Young Measure Using EBSD 
December 1, 2014   11:15am - 11:30am

EBSD is a method of measuring the local orientation of crystals at the scale down to nanometer, while Young measure is a mathematical tool of analyzing deformation with fine microstructure at the continuum scale (often larger than micrometer). For martensitic materials without external stressing, local crystal orientation is sufficient to determine the local deformation, given the transformation stretch tensor and the assignment of variants to regions of homogeneous deformation. Therefore, EBSD is potentially a tool of accurately measuring the deformation distribution in a small (at the continuum scale) neighborhood of a point in such materials. The distribution can be further utilized to construct the Young measure field.

This manuscript discusses a scheme for measuring the Young measure using EBSD in a
material that undergoes a martensitic phase transformation. The scheme is based on the (weak) Cauchy-Born rule. The scheme first includes an algorithm of determining the transformation stretch metric. Then by assigning phases or variants for regions in the EBSD images, the distribution of deformation gradients in a small neighborhood of a point in the sample is measured. Besides, the scheme also includes specific algorithms to check whether certain zero elastic energy microstructures, which have been associated with low hysteresis and enhanced reversibility, are present in the sample. The treatment is geometrically exact: no assumptions of smallness of the deformation are made in the interpretation of the measurements.

We acknowledge the financial support of MURI project FA9550-12-1-0458 (administered by AFOSR). This research also benefited from the support of NSF-PIRE grant number OISE-0967140.

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