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MM4.07 - Tailoring Industrial Scale CNT Production to Specialty Markets 
December 2, 2014   10:45am - 11:00am

The vast majority of industrial scale Carbon Nanotube (CNT) production involves short nanotubes (< 100 microns) that appear as a powder. These products are typically utilized as minor components (usually less than 2%) in polymers where they may or may not impart marginal improvements in composite properties. At Nanocomp Technologies we produce large-format CNT material by floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition. This technique produces very long CNT�s (> 1 mm) in the gas phase, where entanglement produces large format material of exceptional strength and electrical conductivity. By manipulating the physics and chemistry of the process, the format and properties of the material can be controlled. Post-production processing further enhances the desired material properties. In this way applications such as Ballistics, Wiring and Cables for aerospace, and Integrated Energy Storage can be realized.

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