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MM13.01 - The State-of-The-Art Science and Application of Carbon Nanotube 
December 4, 2014   8:30am - 9:00am
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Carbon nanotubes have attracted lots of attention from various fields of scientists because they exhibited extraordinary physical and chemical properties due to their intrinsic nano-sized feature. It should be noted that lots of carbon nanotube-derived products are already in use and their viability strongly depend on their commercialization. However, at present, several critical hurdles in the successful business of carbon nanotubes are considered to be (1) the large scale production of high quality carbon nanotubes in a low cost, (2) their limited end uses and (3) their safety issue. Thus, it is now urgently needed to speed up their current applications as well as find out their new end uses.

In this talk, I, first, describe the current status of industrial production of various types of carbon nanotubes in the world. Then, the controllability in the electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes will be described under various environments. Finally, recent practical uses of carbon nanotubes in Japan including super rubber sealant will be described.

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