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D4.02 - Optofluidic Laser Approach for Surface-Based Biochemical Analysis 
December 1, 2014   4:00pm - 4:15pm

Optofluidic laser technology has been proven to be promising in biochemical analysis. To date, nearly all the laser based analyses are conducted when the analytes and the gain media are in bulk solution. In analogy of the surface detection schemes commonly used in the traditional fluorescence based sensors, we demonstrated an optofluidic laser when the analytes and gain media are immobilized on the laser cavity surface. Lasing emission from a single layer of dye-labeled BSA captured on the surface of a silica ring resonator was achieved. A layer of fluorescence protein (eGFP) was also proved to be sufficient for laser emission. Both results show that the optofluidic laser is compatible with the well-established bio-labeling technologies in surface-based detection scheme and thus has potential in studying more sophisticated biomolecular interactions. Surface-based optofluidic lasing analysis inherits the signal amplification feature of the bulk solution based optofluidic laser. Furthermore, high local density of the gain medium realized by surface capture enhances lasing performance and lowers the analyte and gain medium concentration needed for lasing operation. The new technology described here will complement the bulk solution based optofluidic laser to provide more detailed biochemical analysis.

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