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D16.01 - Self-Assembled Nanodroplet Platform for High Throughput Molecular Detection and Single Cell Analysis 
December 4, 2014   8:45am - 9:15am

We present a high throughput process for detection of nucliec acids and proteins, and assays for single cells. The core of the process is a 2D array of hydrophilic islands surrounded by superhydrophobic areas to support self-assembly of droplets with nanoliter droplet volume. Using oil-encapsuated droplets as microreaction chambers, coupled with sandwiched assays, one can achieve label free detection of biomolecules such as cell-free DNAs and RNAs with femtomolar sensitivity and high specificity. By forming matrigel droplets, one can form a large array (>10,000) of cell culture chambers for single cells, providing a flexible and well controlled microenvironent for studies of cell-cell interactions and single-cell proliferation.

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