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CC11.05 - Study on the Thermoelectric Performance of CuInTe2 Based Compounds 
December 4, 2014   11:15am - 11:30am

The confluence of energy demands and environmental preservation has spurred research into renewable technologies that will allow for an eventual transition away from fossil fuels as the primary source of energy. One such avenue lies in the area of thermoelectrics(TE). Recently, CuInTe2, a member of ternary I-III-VI2compounds with diamond-like structure (I = Cu, Ag; III = Al, Ga, In; VI = S,Se,Te) has been reported to show promising TE properties due to the extremely low thermal conductivity. In this study, we report the rapid fabrication of CuxInTe2compounds with a home-made melt-spinning system, which is assembled into the glove box with high energy ball milling. By employing this integrated synthesis system, comparing with the tradition solid states method, the processing time is reduced at a large degree. On the other hand, the effect of doping Cu with Ag, In with Yb and Zn, and Cu vacancy on the thermoelectric performance of CuxInTe2 compounds were also investigated. A figure of merit up to 1.0 was achieved in this study. The enhanced thermoelectric performance coupled with the dramatically reduced processing time will be of considerable significance to the commercial-scale production of CuInTe2-based thermoelectric materials.

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