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AAA3.07 - Results from a Long-Running Research Experience for Undergraduates Program: NNIN 1997-2014 
December 1, 2014   3:30pm - 3:45pm

The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) is an integrated partnership of 14 universities across the US funded by NSF to support nanoscale researchers. Within the NNIN’s education and outreach programs is a large and long-running Research Experience for Undergraduates Program. The program has been in continuous operation since 1997, begun under the National Nanotechnology Users Network. One of our goals, is to encourage and develop talented post-secondary students to become future leaders in nanotechnology. Between 40 and 100 students have participated annually and over 1200 undergraduates having completed this summer research program. From this long running program, we have developed best practices which allow for an efficient and successful operation of a large program across multiple sites. These practices will be shared in the presentation. We have several years’ worth of evaluation results from annual surveys which we use to modify the program and to measure the impact of our program on career choices. Because of its size and long history, the NNUN/NNUN program has had the opportunity to generate statistically meaningful, long-term outcome data on its participants. In 2006, we began a longitudinal study to determine the educational and career path of interns who participated in the early (pre-2003) years of the program; since then, that window has been gradually expanded to include all participants between 1997- 2009, encompassing all past participants who are more than 4 years out of the program. Of the 670 participants from 1997-2009, 553 (83%). Seventy-four percent of the respondents indicated that the program significantly or very significantly influenced their career path. The presentation will include best practices and results from our survey instruments.

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