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AAA1.01 - The Impact of Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research 
December 1, 2014   8:45am - 9:15am

This talk will discuss the role undergraduate research can play in student retention, academic and social integration and engagement, and the pursuit of graduate education with a focus on historically underrepresented students and community college transfer students. Drawing from the relevant literature, the presenter will discuss the rationale for using undergraduate research to retain and engage students, the role of undergraduate research in encouraging students to pursue graduate education, and the presenter will also share a model for early engagement of students in research including a description of lessons learned from a 20 year program to provide early engagement at the University of Michigan including key program components, peer advising, research seminars, and skill-building workshops), administrative structures, student and faculty recruitment, and data from a carefully designed, longitudinal assessment of the impact of undergraduate research on student retention and academic success through to graduate school. The presenter will also share other models from different types of institutions. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct an institutional audit of the feasibility of adapting the program models to engage and retain diverse students on their own campuses.

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