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A8.05 - Hybrid Conducting Polymer-Based Device for Simultaneous Stimulation and Recording of Neural Activity 
December 3, 2014   3:45pm - 4:00pm

Transmission of electrochemical signals induced by the ionic flow among neurons is the key part of the nervous system. Therefore, monitoring or even regulating these signals is of great interest in understanding nervous-system physiology as well as diagnosis and therapy of neurological disorders. Recently, there has been a significant improvement in this field boosted by the usage of conducting polymers at the interface with biology. Particularly, Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT: PSS) offers great advantages in maintaining communication between electronics and biological systems due to its high electrical connectivity and ion permeability along with its bio-inert properties. Individual studies in the field span both electrical sensing to stimulation of neural activity. By using PEDOT:PSS coated electrodes, measurements of neural activity can be made ranging from local field potentials to unitary activity of neurons. In addition, electrophoretic delivery of neurotransmitters through a polymer film in a controlled and precise manner has previously been obtained both in vivo and in vitro by using organic electronic ion pumps. However, monitoring neural activity during ion pump stimulation has not yet been performed, which could supply valuable information about absolute effects of the delivery. Here, by combining the existing methods we aim to operate the above mentioned approaches simultaneously by using the same PEDOT:PSS contacts for both stimulation and recording. The subsequent aim is to monitor the brain activity in rat brain hippocampal-slices continuously, so that the effects of ions, i.e., Ca2+ or K+ as well as neurotransmitters, i.e., glutamate, acetylcholine can be precisely analyzed in the region of interest at the moment of delivery.

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