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XX7.04 - Electrohydrodynamic Control of a Liquid Metal 
April 23, 2014   4:30pm - 4:45pm

The ability to control the shape liquid metals on the sub-mm scale is important for many applications, including flexible electronics, optics, metamaterials, and microfluidics. While mercury has drawn much of the focus of liquid metal research, its toxicity and incompatibility with microfluidic systems limit its potential for applications. Gallium and gallium-based alloys, however, are perfectly suitable for use with biocompatible flexible electronic devices, but have traditionally been avoided due to a passivating surface oxide layer that limits their use in hydrodynamics and electrochemistry. Here, we present a novel way to utilize this surface oxide to tune the surface tension and create unprecedented electrohydrodynamic control of the liquid metal using only modest voltages.

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