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WW6.04 - In-Situ Mechanical Properties: Nano to Meso Measurements for Materials Failure 
April 24, 2014   9:00am - 9:30am

The demand for emerging materials in our society can no longer be fulfilled by simple build - test algorithms. Materials by design has emerged as a means to design materials using computational modeling that considers atomistic to continuum length scales. In situ mechanical measurements can be performed on these same length scales, acting in both predictive and substantiation roles. These experiments are aided by advanced instrumentation, where a single device can explore more than six orders of magnitude in force and displacement, and five in the time domain. This is then combined with imaging techniques before, during, and after testing. Structure property relationships are explored through targeted compression, tension, scratch, and indentation tests. These tests yield the basic material parameters; elastic modulus, strength, and fracture toughness, starting with a variety of ideal materials, simple metals, silicon, and HOPG, then working towards more complex systems of interest to the engineering community. Further experimentation leads to insight on deformation mechanisms and the ultimate mode of failure, acting as input parameters for further simulation.

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