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WW1.06 - Approaches for the Discovery and Design of New Permanent Magnets 
April 22, 2014   10:30am - 11:00am

Concern for supply restrictions of rare-earth metals has spurred intense interest in the discovery of new compounds that do not contain critical elements yet still exhibit high saturation magnetization and intrinsic coercively. There have also been efforts in optimizing magnetic properties in older alloys. Both are daunting tasks given the high energy product of existing rare-earth based alloys. Criticality of Dy, in particular, is driving the need to developing new alloys for the higher operating temperature regime of traction motors and some generators. Discovery of new compounds, however, requires a more sophisticated approach than simple “trial and error”. Ames Laboratory, in collaboration with a number of universities and laboratories have been embarking on a comprehensive research program to combine a series of integrated computational and experimental efforts to both discover and design new compounds with promising magnetic properties. Experimental materials discovery will include both bulk and thin film combinatorial synthesis. Additionally, we are developing high throughput thermal analysis and in situ XRD capabilities to characterize the phase space of these multi-elemental libraries as a function of temperature. The computational efforts of this research include both density functional theory and adaptive genetic algorithms to identify new compounds. Specific examples of materials discovery and new insights into improvements of existing alloys will be presented.

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