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W8.03 - Optimized Coatings for Tissue Regeneration 
April 24, 2014   2:00pm - 2:30pm

Control over the presence of biologics (e.g. stem cells, growth factors) is a common theme in natural tissue formation, and also an emerging theme in functional tissue engineering strategies. However, a persistent challenge in tissue engineering approaches has been to effectively incorporate biologics into tissue engineering devices while maintaining optimal physical and chemical properties of the device. In particular, there is often a design trade-off between effective biologic delivery and optimal scaffold physicochemical properties. This talk will present a series of coating strategies we have used to deliver genes, growth factors, and stem cells from tissue engineering devices. Fundamental mechanisms of affinity binding are used to stabilize incorporated biologics and enable uniquely high stability and biological activity. Controllable nucleation and growth of coatings also allow for spatial and temporal control over biologic delivery. In addition, coatings can be formed on a variety of tissue engineering devices, ranging from custom-designed macroporous scaffolds to injectable microparticles. Importantly, these coatings can be independently optimized for intended biologic delivery without influencing bulk properties of the underlying device. This “modular” approach results in devices that have optimized physical and biochemical properties from the macroscopic scale to the molecular scale. Our recent studies also demonstrate that enhanced throughput, array-based strategies can “select” coating chemistries for specific biological or biomedical goals. Examples include coatings that optimize long-term protein stabilization, autologous biologic capture, stem cell differentiation, and non-viral transfection.

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