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SS5.05 - Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Evidence of Interparticle Interactions in the Oriented Attachment Growth of Ultra-Thin Nanorods 
April 23, 2014   2:45pm - 3:00pm

Compared to the extensive experimental findings and breakthroughs, fundamental theoretical research on the growth kinetics and thermodynamics in the oriented attachment (OA) field is still at an early stage. The authors believe that developing lacking theory and building connection between theory and experiment in the OA filed are of paramount importance for the OA field to advance to an ever higher level. An important aspect of such investigation is to quantize the interparticle interactions between attaching objects. Such interactions mainly include Coulombic interaction, van der Waals interaction and dipolar interaction. In this presentation, mathematical derivation and quantitative evaluation of interparticle interactions in the OA growth of ultra-thin nanorods are introduced. In particular, the effects of the size and aspect ratio of growing nanorods, the concentration of attaching nanoparticles, surfactants and solvents are analyzed in detail. Following the theoretical input, the experimental synthesis and characterization of several ultra-thin nanorods including metallic Ag, semiconducting EuS and insulating MgO nanorods are presented. We find that the aforementioned theoretical analysis can be successfully employed to quantitatively evaluate a specific oriented-attachment growth system of ultra-thin nanorods before the actual experimental synthesis. In addition, our characterizations confirm that desirable physical properties of the ultra-thin nanorods can be designed and achieved via efficient quantitative control over the interparticle interactions in the OA growth of the nanorods. Our theoretical and experimental investigation is expected to improve the fundamental understanding on the OA growth and facilitate the large scale application of 1D OA nanocrystals.

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