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R5.01 - High-Performance Transparent and Semi-Transparent Polymer Solar Cells 
April 23, 2014   1:30pm - 2:00pm

Polymer solar cell (PSC) technology is an efficient and cost-effective solution for harvesting of solar energy. Transparent PSCs, in particular, have great potential for building-integrated photovoltaics, where the photovoltaic elements can simultaneously serve as building materials and power generators while maintaining an attractive building exterior. In this talk, I will talk about high-performance, visibly transparent or semi-transparent polymer solar cells fabricated via solution processing. The photoactive layer of the single-junction PSCs harvest solar energy largely from the near-infrared region while being less sensitive to visible photons. In a conventional single junction device consisting of a highly transparent silver nanowire metal oxide composite top electrode, a 4% power-conversion efficiency (PCE) was achieved with a maximum transparency of 66% at 550 nm. To further enhance the performance and tune the external appearance, tandem device architectures were employed. New low bandgap polymers based on benzodithiophene and diketopyrrolopyrrole units were designed and synthesized. A novel interconnecting layer between the two sub-cells was also designed to make efficient tandem devices. As a result tandem devices recorded a high PCE of 7% with a maximum transparency of 30% at 550 nm while a PCE of 6% was achieved with a maximum transparency of 40% at 550 nm (device area = 0.1 cm2). Finally, we demonstrate non-transparent flexible devices with PCEs over 4% and large area (device area = 10 cm2) devices with PCEs over 3.5%. By incorporating transparent silver nanowire electrode, we believe semi-transparent, large area devices with PCE over 2% is in reach shortly.

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