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R4.07 - Flexible Energy Storage Devices 
April 23, 2014   10:30am - 11:00am

There is a growing demand for flexible electrodes and electrolytes to form the basis of conformable energy storage devices. Such structures would find use in wearable systems and other niche applications where the seamless integration with a host is desirable.We have been involved in the development of flexible and stretchable electrodes based on organic conductors : organic conducting polymers and nanostructured carbons. Here we will present our latest developments in these areas.We have also been involved in the development of highly stretchable electrolytes based on ionic liquids imbibed within a host polymer.The combination of these electromaterial systems presents truly flexible and stretchable devices. Our studies also highlight the challenges that must be overcome to fully optimise the performance of the individual components. These challenges will ultimately be overcome using innovative approaches to device fabrication.

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