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R1.10 - Hybrid Energy Generator Using Triboelectric and Piezoelectric Effects 
April 22, 2014   11:45am - 12:00pm

A way to response the energy consumption and to produce sustainable nonpolluting power source is energy harvesting from our environment, as a renewable energy source. This energy source are always available everywhere, such as a vibration, wind, fluid, etc. Recently, there have been attempts to fabricate energy generators using piezoelectric, pyroelectric, triboelectric materials, and so on. Here, we concurrently use piezoelectric and triboelectic effects to produce a high output power. Contact electrification between the PVDF film and a PTFE sheet generate electrical signals by triboelectric and electrostatic effects, and the PVDF film also produce piezoelectricity when applied a mechanical force. An arch-shape PI film was attached to the PVDF film, which plays role in driving force for bending and releasing. An Al and two Au electrodes were deposited on the PTFE sheet and the both sides of the PVDF film, respectively. In the experimental results, the PVDF film produced higher output current than the triboelectricity, in contrary the output voltage from triboelectric effect was much higher than the PVDF film when being pressed the generator. Finally, the two effects were connected parallelly, resulting in the output voltage of ~ 100 V and the output current of ~220 uA in dimension of 7 X 4 cm2. The generating power was successfully tested with 60 LEDs lighting. Thus, we expect that this hybrid harvesting technique using triboelectric and piezoelectric effects can be used in various applications as a power source and apply to electronics directly.

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