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OO19.05 - Electrohydrodynamically Assisted Dimensional Transition of Graphene Crumple Nanoparticles at Interfaces 
April 25, 2014   11:45am - 12:00pm

Transformative nanomanufacturing routes is used to create single layer crumpled graphene nanoparticles through innovative electrohydromechanical concepts that capitalize on the salient mechanical features, rich surface chemistry and compelling colloidal properties of graphene in a multiscale and synergistic fashion to transcend the boundary for achieving high power density electrochemical capacitive energy storage. The proposed experimental strategies conceptually mimic the nano-emulsions at interfaces to confine the dimensional transitions of 2-D planar graphene into 3-D crumpled nanoparticles and their assembly into unprecedented superstructures, establishing a paradigm shift in synthesis and processing of crumpled graphene structures at nanoscale. Specifically, the work presented here enables the experimental isolation of single-layer crumpled graphene nanoparticles that first and foremost yield access to fully explore of exceptional “intrinsic material properties”, especially those pertinent to energy applications such as specific surface area, packing density, intrinsic capacitance, porosity, and ionic permeability.

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