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OO4.04 - Synthesis of Large-Scale Graphene from SiC via Nitridation-Induced Carbon Condensation 
April 22, 2014   9:00am - 9:15am

Graphene, the two-dimensional material with honeycomb structure, possesses superior physical properties and thus is a promising candidate for a variety of electronic devices. Actually, there are some issues which should be studied to accomplish the fabrication of devices with high performance. The area of graphene films obtained from mechanically exfoliation is localized while the graphene films synthesized by chemical vapor deposition need to be transferred in spite of the much more complete area. In our investigation, the plasma treatment followed by annealing process is utilized in order to obtain large-scale graphene films from bulk SiC via Nitridation-Induced Carbon Condensation. After exposure of N2 plasma, the N2 annealing process, which promotes nitrogen ions to react with Si and simultaneously condense C around the surface of the SiC, is implemented. A thin silicon nitride layer formed during nitridation may squeeze carbon atoms. Eventually, a uniform large-scale graphene film on SiC wafer will be achieved. The Raman analysis shows typical spectra of graphene and the XPS results indicate that the formation of silicon nitride layer. Furthermore, the TEM images verify that there are several layers of graphene on the top of SiC. In this research, we create a simple method for synthesizing large-scale graphene.

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