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OO4.03 - Graphene and Its 2D Hybrids: From Designed CVD Growth to Photochemical Engineering 
April 22, 2014   8:30am - 9:00am

Graphene, the atomic thin carbon film with honeycomb lattice, holds great promise in a wide range of applications, arising from its unique band structure and excellent electronic, optical, mechanical and thermal properties. The research of this star material is being stimulated by the development of various emerging preparation techniques, among which chemical vapor deposition (CVD) has received the fastest advances in the last few years. This talk focuses on our recent progresses towards the controlled surface growth of graphene and its two-dimensional (2D) hybrids via CVD process engineering. The general strategy is to design and control the elementary steps of catalytic CVD process for achieving a precise control of layer thickness, stacking order, domain size, doping and energy band structure. A particular emphasis is laid on the design of growth catalysts, including bimetal alloys and groups IVB-VIB transition metal carbides. The sp2 carbon network of graphene is chemically very stable and hence it is a great challenge for its chemical doping and tailoring. We are working with a photochemical approach for graphene chemistry, where the chemical scissors are the highly reactive radicals generated from photochemical processes. A number of examples are given, including photochlorination, photomethylation, photocatalytic oxidation and Janus chemistry.References1)LM Zhang, JW Yu, MM Yang, Q Xie, HL Peng, ZF Liu, Janus graphene from asymmetric two-dimensional chemistry, Nature Comm., 4(2013) 1443-1449.2)W Yan, WY He, ZD Chu, MX Liu, L Meng, RF Dou, YF Zhang, ZF Liu, JC Nie, L He, Strain and curvature induced evolution of electronic band structures in twisted graphene bilayer, Nature Comm., 4(2013) 2159-2165.3)K Yan, D Wu, HL Peng, L Jin, Q Fu, XH Bao, ZF Liu, Modulation-doped growth of mosaic graphene with single-crystalline p-n junctions for efficient photocurrent generation, Nature Comm., 3(2012) 1280-1286.4) BY Dai, L Fu, ZY Zou, M Wang, HT Xu, S Wang, ZF Liu,Rational design of a binary metal alloy for chemical vapour deposition growth of uniform single-layer graphene, Nature Comm., 2(2011) 522-527.5)K Yan, L Fu, HL Peng, ZF Liu, Designed CVD Growth of Graphene via Process Engineering, Acc. Chem. Res., 10(2013) 2263-2274.

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