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N5.08 - A Facile Hotplate Approach for The Synthesis of Germanium Nanowire Based Li-Ion Battery Anodes and Their High Performance over Extended Cycles 
April 23, 2014   3:45pm - 4:00pm

Ge nanowires (NWs) have recently been highlighted as active materials within Li battery anodes. Ge NWs (along with Si NWs) are well placed as anode materials for Li ion storage due to their high theoretical capacity of 1384 mAhrg. To maximize the capacity of NW based Li-ion anodes, they should be grown in high density directly on the metal current collector to allow for efficient current transport. Ancillary materials such as inactive catalyst seeds, binders and conductive additives should also be minimized as they diminish capacity by adding mass to the final device. Herein we present the development of a rapid pyrolysis route allowing the formation of high density Ge NW mats grown directly on stainless steel current collector substrates. Three distinct approaches which exploit the formation of discrete catalyst seeds were examined with the final process optimized for centimetre scale NW coverage on device integrable substrates. Electrochemical testing of the NW covered substrates yielded capacity measurements greater than 1000 mAhrg after 1000 cycles at high charge and discharge rates. The method represents a rapid scalable approach for the formation of highly promising Li-ion anode materials.1. Candace K. Chan, Xiaou Feng Zhang, Yi Cui, , 8, 307-3092. Fang-Wei Yuan, Hong-Jie Yang, Hsing-Yu Tuan, , 6 (11), 9932-99423. Candace K. Chan, Peng Hailin, Gao Liu, Kevin McIlwrath, Xiao Feng Zhang, Robert A. Huggins, Yi Cui, , 3 (1), 31-35

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