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HH3.04 - Crystal Growth in GeSb Thin Films and Electrical and Structural Characterization of PRAM Line Cells 
April 23, 2014   10:15am - 10:45am

The presentation will focus on two main topics: 1. Crystallization kinetics of GexSb1-x films (50 and 200 nm thick with x = 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10) studied using mainly high speed optical microscopy; 2. Electrical and structural characterization of PRAM line cells using a 2-point probe technique and scanning and transmission electron microscopy.In part 1 Alloys ranging from Ge6Sb94 to Ge10Sb90 were studied and it was found that crystallization properties change dramatically with small changes in Ge concentration. Crystal growth rates were measured over five orders of magnitude (100 nm/s to over 1 cm/s). Using a viscosity model a fragility m=60 for Ge8Sb92 and Ge9Sb91 was found and based on this model extrapolation of the experimental data led to a maximum crystal growth rate of ~15 m/s at a temperature of ~90% of the melting temperature. Moreover, the large influence of moderate stresses on crystal growth was directly observed by using a four point bending stage in combination with high speed optical microscopy. Finally, two competing growth modes were found in Ge8Sb92, Ge9Sb91 and Ge10Sb90 alloys with growth rates that differ more than an order of magnitude while external conditions are kept constant.In part 2 the evolution of many characteristics of single line cells during their cycling up to 100 million cycles is shown. We also present extensive work done on the intricate time and temperature dependence of the amorphous resistance of the line cells as influenced by drift. Finally, the correlation between electrical properties and the nanostructure of the line cells is shown.

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